The Journey Begins

The software industry is pretty interesting. We started more than 60 years ago, we are young. However, progress has been huge.

Today, software is involved in every activity in our lives, from wakening ups in the morning, to take a photo for a black hole.

We have created plenty of software components, languages, utilities, infrastructure, and so on, to give us an easy way to build new complex software.

Nonetheless, this abrupt grow up of the industry, move us to learn new technologies and frameworks as fast as we can, forgetting the software bases like OOP, functional programming, old languages like C++, and so on.

I created this blog to help us not forget which the software development bases are. Every new framework or technology is built over bases, it means, if you know the bases, you can innovate, create, invent, a lot of new technologies.


A software developer, who knows the software bases, is a professional, due to he/she can build over what we have, he/she can move between technologies, and more important, he understands the WHY of software development.

I invite you to join me on this journey, I will happy if 1 % of my post gives you value.

If you liked this post and are interested in hearing more about my journey as a Software Engineer, you can follow me on Twitter and travel together.


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