Hi all, if you are in this page, it might mean, you like my posts. Those post are part of my journey to share my knowledge in the community, and they are usually focus on the bases regarding software engineering, that we are forgetting in this world full of frameworks and languages.

I have more than 10 years of experience working in the software industry in multiple sectors and I am a software craftsmanship, I like to design and build quality software, thinking about the best solution with the available answers. Not everything needs the latest technology, so, I try to avoid being absorb by the trends.

If you want more information about me, see my about me page.

If you think I can help you in your software development journey, let me know through my contact page. The following are some of the services I offer.

Clean Code and Architecture

I love building quality software, and I think, the concept of Clean Code is part of that. This includes:

  • Clean code basis
  • SOLID principles
  • Good OOP programming
  • Architecture quality and final goal

I can help you to assess if you current project addresses those quality concerns and more.

Java Development

I have a lot of experience working with Java using JavaEE (now JakartaEE) and Spring, with multiple frameworks, architectures like microservices, deploying on cloud like AWS, and creating a CI/CD pipeline.

I can help you to define the frameworks and technologies that best fit to your problems, without using trending technologies only because… they are a trend.